Ministry of Stories

Would you believe the items above have been created to support literacy? The back story: in 2008, David Eggers gave a TED talk regarding literacy and the 826 literacy program, which is here in the US and appears to be… Read More »Ministry of Stories

Teddy Bear bloodbag

UK design team Dunne and Raby (Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby) designed this “Teddy Bear bloodbag”. The idea behind it is to serve as a comfort for children in the hospital. Why do kids get the coolest things? I want… Read More »Teddy Bear bloodbag

I’ll Be Gone


I’ll be gone from KORB on Vimeo. I’ve watched this mesmerizing video about ten times now and even bought the beautiful song.  It’s such simple, yet beautiful way to represent the music and you must watch to the second half… Read More »I’ll Be Gone


Carsonified is a small company in England that runs events and workshops within the web world. Their goals are to promote creativity as well as see ideas come to life to final execution. I like their web design—very simple and… Read More »Carsonified

The Insight Light

Belarusian designers Maria and Igor Solovyov of Solovyov Design have created this brain shaped energy efficient light bulb, “Insight.” It is a fun and smart play on the imagery of having a “bright idea.” You can see more of their… Read More »The Insight Light


Fantastic labels for a more “manly” tea, created by designer Amanda Kulik. Why the need for a manly tea?— “Forget the sweet smelling stuff that comes in the pretty little jars with the pretty little bows and a flower on… Read More »Texas-T