Anatomy in Black by Emily Evans

Anatomy in Black by Emily Evans available at the Street Anatomy Store

“Anatomy in Black bridges the gap between academic text and pop culture.” – Emily Evans We often think of anatomy textbooks as belonging in the cadaver lab or lecture hall. Or worse, abandoned on a library shelf long after they’ve served their educational purpose. Even for an artist, anatomy books might lie scattered around… Read More »Anatomy in Black by Emily Evans

Hand Screen Printed Cardiac Wallpaper – Intertwined Elegance

Anatomy Boutique Cardiac Wallpaper available at the Street Anatomy Store (4)

From the creator of the popular Day of the Dead Sugar Skull wallpaper comes the Cardiac Wallpaper, a sumptuous design depicting intertwining anatomical human hearts.  The deep red background coupled with the luxurious rich gold pattern makes this beautiful wallpaper an opulent addition to any space. Each roll is screen printed… Read More »Hand Screen Printed Cardiac Wallpaper – Intertwined Elegance

Daniel Brokstad’s Medic Type

Daniel Brokstad Medic Type (4)

Norwegian graphic designer/illustrator, Daniel Brokstad created this fantastic medical illustrative type set that he says is “playful and fun for an otherwise serious setting.” It certainly is! Each letterform is so creative, well thought out, and can easily stand on their own. Daniel is a talented young designer who is… Read More »Daniel Brokstad’s Medic Type

Hedi Xandt’s Dark Emotions

Hedi Xandt God of the Grove

“I could stare into the face of a skull for hours, for example, and always see new things.” – Hedi Xandt I admire the range of work by Hamburg-based communication designer and conceptual artist Hedi Xandt. His combination of design, concept, and execution is extremely impressive and gives his work… Read More »Hedi Xandt’s Dark Emotions

Écorché Energy Drink Concept

Constantin Bolimond ecorche energy drink

These ripped bottles look as if they’ve been filled with steroids. Inspired by the artistic concept of écorché, Russian designers Constantin Bolimond and Dmitrii Pacukevich created these 3D bottle concepts for an energy drink. These would be great as a water bottle for the gym!

Vodka With a Backbone

Johannes Schulz Spine Vodka (2)

Hamburg-based designer Johannes Schulz wanted to create a strong and trustworthy vodka with backbone—literally with backbone. The wide shouldered vodka bottle stands with a full spine and rib cage suspended in the clear glass bottle, a sign that the vodka has nothing to hide. Of course this is only a… Read More »Vodka With a Backbone

A Pounding Headache

Olivia Ariferiani Pounding Headache ad

University project by Jakarta based designer, Olivia Ariferiani. I love the visual of the face in the fist, although the copy doesn’t seem quite right. Definitely a great visual for a pounding headache, but you wouldn’t necessarily pound a headache away!