Anatomy in Art

Navy Medical Art

Joseph Hirsch 1943

Looks like it was easy to pose for this painting. This is called a Minerva Jacket, usually used for fractures of the cervical spine. “The boy fell from a gun turret, dislocating a vertebra in his neck. The plaster cast is lined with black felt to prevent body sores at… Read More »Navy Medical Art

Pac Man’s Skull Exposed

Who knew that a circle with a giant mouth and tiny eyes could have such interesting anatomy beneath the surface. Pac-man’s skull was carefully crafted by artist Le Gentil Garcon after studying the skulls of human and predatory animals. He even collaborated with paleontologist Francois Escuille to make the most… Read More »Pac Man’s Skull Exposed

Chris Conte’s Biomechanical Art

Chris Conte biomechanical head

With a combined passion for sculpture, medical science, and biomechanics, this Norwegian born artist combines the organic structure of human anatomy directly with the mechanical. Chris Conte received his BFA from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. While there, he studied human anatomy at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital through a… Read More »Chris Conte’s Biomechanical Art

Anatomy in Art: Literally

Nadine Jarvis Carbon Copies box

An alternative option for the deceased. Nadine Jarvis, a young product designer from London, believes that death is sorely neglected as a subject for design. She explores a new way to use the ash from cremations in her piece called, Carbon Copies, Carbon Copies are pencils made from the carbon of human… Read More »Anatomy in Art: Literally

The Digital Manipulations of Koen Hauser

Koen Hauser (1972) living and working in Amsterdam creates stunningly realistic digital photo manipulations as seen here in his Modische Atlas der Anatomie series. I think it’s a very clever use of the classic plastic anatomy models seamlessly integrated into real human form.   [Via A.R.T]