Anatomy in Art

Skeletal Design

Simon Dovar Dia de los Difuntos

I just love when anatomy is used as an element of design. This a promotional poster done by the talented Simon Dovar from Jawa and Midwich, a design, illustration, and art direction studio located in my favorite city of London. The poster shows all 206 bones of the human body… Read More »Skeletal Design

Hidden Brain Imaging in Renaissance Masterpieces?

Gerrard David’s “Transfiguration of Christ” compared with a coronal section of the human brain. An interesting article published by four UK scientists in the neurosciences speculates that the masters of the Renaissance hid brain imagery in their religious masterpieces. Some of the sneaky artists in question include Raphael, Michelangelo, and… Read More »Hidden Brain Imaging in Renaissance Masterpieces?

Bladder Hats and Ovary Heads

Richard Russell Collage Works 5

Richard Russell is the type of guy that buys antique medical books on his lunch breaks and carefully dissects them to expose the anatomical illustrations within. He’s been using anatomical illustration in his collages for the past 25 years and finds a “peculiar lyrical quality” to them. He says, “To… Read More »Bladder Hats and Ovary Heads

Sculpting with Human Bodies

Found this intriguing piece under the Wellcome Images Collection. Definitely squint your eyes at this one to see how the features of the head pop out. A human head containing jostling human figures. Crayon drawing, 1929. Author unknown.    

Goldherz and Think Tank

It may sound like the title of some new wave band, but Goldherz and Think Tank are two new pieces in the human interior series created by Austrian ceramicist, Renate Hattinger. The heart and the brain aren’t just pretty paperweights, they’re actual ceramic containers. Renate says that “this perhaps allows… Read More »Goldherz and Think Tank


This is a beautiful chalk pastel illustration by Jason Isley. Jason is a new and very promising student in UIC’s Biomedical Visualization program. Take a look through the rest of his portfolio at

Anatomy of a Balloon Animal

Jason Freeny Pneumatic Anatomica

This wonderfully creative poster is the work of digital artist, Jason Freeny. Who would have thought that a balloon animal would have such intricate anatomy? I especially like the mini tutorial at the bottom of the poster that shows how to make a balloon animal of your own.  It’s also quite… Read More »Anatomy of a Balloon Animal

More anatomical Paraphernalia!

Paraphernalia brain

Lately I’ve been intrigued and excited by the amount of anatomical products out there, from t-shirts to tiny anatomical model toys. Yes kids, anatomy is cool. Now, thanks to another one of my readers, I’ve been pointed to Paraphernalia (no longer an active website) a little studio in Manchester, UK producing… Read More »More anatomical Paraphernalia!

What exactly is a Capelobo?

Walmor Corra Ondina

Not sure what it is, but that is the anatomy of a Capelobo. This is the work of Brazilian artist Walmor Corra. Like so many medical illustrators, Walmor’s first real contact with art began in his science and biology classes at school. His drawing ability combined with his love of science… Read More »What exactly is a Capelobo?