Anatomy in Art

Human Anatomy Alphabet by Laura Facci – Exclusive Print Release

Human Anatomy Alphabet by Laura Facci available at the Street Anatomy Store

Caracas based illustrator, Laura Facci, challenged herself to create an alphabet using anatomical terminology. The result is a beautiful anatomical alphabet with artistic flare. Each letter, drawn in stunning detail, features quirky additions that make you want to explore each one. She released the print exclusively for Street Anatomy! 23.375 in… Read More »Human Anatomy Alphabet by Laura Facci – Exclusive Print Release

Vero Navarro’s Hipster Bones

Vero Navarro Hipster Bones

Madrid based illustrator, Vero Navarro is a colored pencil master. She skillfully combines colored pencil with digital techniques. Her illustrations are delightful and clever as you can see in this piece titled, “Hipster Bones.” I especially enjoy the bone pattern shirt! To view more of Vero’s beautiful work, visit

Jamy van Zyl’s Rebirth

Jamy van Zyl Rebirth

Stunning piece by University of Johannesburg student Jamy van Zyl, created using ballpoint pen, marker and Washi. “My work explores cybernetic connectivity in the context of a white, male South African who desires nothing more than to be immersed in Japanese culture.” You can certainly see the Asian influences in the details… Read More »Jamy van Zyl’s Rebirth

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Ella Nitters Home Heart

Fascinated with the iconic representation of a house, designer Koen Wilde decided to carve it out of wood. He then sent out this tiny wooden house to artists all over the world and told them to do what they want with it. He calls the project Huisnr. Rotterdam-based illustrator, Ella Nitters… Read More »Home Is Where The Heart Is

The Anatomical Man Face Corset

Richard Sawdon Smith Face Corset

British photographer, Richard Sawdon Smith, uses his body as the subject in an ongoing theme titled, “Anatomical Man.” The anatomical tattoos on his skin are a reflection of the anatomical torso as an educational tool used to train physicians. In his recent series, titled “Behind the Face/The Face Corset,” the… Read More »The Anatomical Man Face Corset

Sergi Brosa’s DRuGS

Sergi Brosa DRuGS detail

Barcelona-based illustrator Sergi Brosa captures the detached and otherworldly feel of the effects of drugs on the body. Sergi is a comic artist with a great style. In this piece he decided to try an anatomical take on his work. You can view more of Sergi’s illustrations on Behance and Deviant ART!

Kazha Imura – Pools of Sorrow

Kazha Imura Pools of Sorrow

Tokyo based illustrator, Kazha Imura, places her naked body at the center of each delicate piece for this series titled, “Phrases”. They are dreamlike self portraits that you might not notice are half photograph, half illustration. Each piece exudes a tranquility and despair in stark black and white contrast. Kazha’s… Read More »Kazha Imura – Pools of Sorrow

We Are All Human Underneath


A campaign against racism composited and digitally retouched by Ecuador-based digital compositor, David Vargas. We all pretty much look the same underneath—except for natural anatomical variations and anomalies, of course…

NastPlast’s Unraveling Heads

NastPlas, a creative duo based in Madrid, created this series of unraveling heads, titled “SINAIS.” NastPlas’s work combines digital art with abstract patterns, making each piece energetic and intriguing. They also infuse many of their pieces with scientific and anatomical imagery. Take a look through their prolific portfolio at and Behance!