Anatomy in Art

The Anatomical Tattoo Book: the Skin as a Canvas for Anatomical Obsession

Anatomy Tattoo Book Emily Evans 8

Tattoos and the subject of anatomy have a lot in common. Both inspire a sense of awe and a tinge of discomfort. Combine the two—making the internal external—and the reaction is mind-blowing. Yet, as someone that doesn’t have any tattoos, anatomical or otherwise, the anatomical tattoo means something different. 10… Read More »The Anatomical Tattoo Book: the Skin as a Canvas for Anatomical Obsession

The Explosive Anatomical Infographics of Pedro Henrique Ferreira


São Paulo based illustrator Pedro Henrique Ferreira brings the most explosive energy to what could otherwise be a standard infographic. The first infographic above takes a look at how different types of drugs effect the body. The illustration is uncomfortable, disturbing, yet still fascinating—a win when trying to engage the viewer. His work is… Read More »The Explosive Anatomical Infographics of Pedro Henrique Ferreira

Asma Javeri at 101 bpm

Ashma Javeri Archive 101bpm

   Pakistan based artist Asma Javeri has an ongoing miniature print series called 101bpm featuring an anatomical heart reflected as everyday objects. She says, “Its a little about illustrating the feelings of the heart through daily objects and things we interact with.” Living in the intersection between medicine and art Asma expresses… Read More »Asma Javeri at 101 bpm

Anatomy Vessels by Zhivko Terziivanov

Selfie Zhivko Terziivanov

Bulgarian 3D illustrator, Zhivko Terziivanov creates delightful renderings infused with anatomy. I only wish these were real models! View all of his iconic work on dribbble.

The Growth of Microbial Art

amnh secret world inside of you

There are 3 books hanging out on my coffee table that I’m currently enjoying: 10% human, Tiny creatures and Bio Art. It seems ‘Microbe’ is the new ‘buzz word’. With the recent estimation that as much as 90% of a human’s cellular make up could be microbial, coupled by the fact that… Read More »The Growth of Microbial Art

Inspired by Tibetan Thangkas

Kevin Hong Anatomical Tibetan Chart detail

Tibetan thangka’s inspired NYC-based illustrator Kevin Hong to create his own anatomical charts. Thangkas, especially anatomical thangkas, combined medical knowledge with Buddhist tradition and Tibetan lore.

Supervenus – An Anatomical Journey Through Perfection

Supervenus Frederic Doazan

Supervenus is a humorous, if not tragic, view into contemporary female beauty standards. Experimental filmmaker, Frederic Doazan and sound editor, Vandy Roc created this film. They begin with the surface anatomy of a woman in an anatomical text that looks to be from the 1800s. We then see the gloved hands of a surgeon meticulously… Read More »Supervenus – An Anatomical Journey Through Perfection

Have You Seen This Heart?

Historical Anatomical Heart

The chances are that your answer to that question is yes. If you look at as many anatomical inspired works of art and products as I do, then that answer is yes, hundreds of times. With the use of anatomical imagery in the creative industries having bourgeoned over the last… Read More »Have You Seen This Heart?

Kaitlin Beckett’s Curious Bestiary

Kaitlin Beckett Heart Murmur

Melbourne-based artist Kaitlin Beckett creates chimerical creatures who often harness anatomical, medical and musical elements. Kaitlin uses a variety of media for her art, enriching each piece with layers of detail and texture. You just know each curious beast holds a story. View Kaitlin’s entire portfolio at and follow her work on… Read More »Kaitlin Beckett’s Curious Bestiary