International Vegetarian Union

Totally rad ad for veggies, love the tomato heart, the copy reads: “Veggies are all your body needs.” Enough to make you quit the meat? Debatable. [thanks to Aman for the link]    

SOBeFIT Magazine

SOBeFIT Magazine offers readers advice and insight into sports, fitness, and overall health and nutrition.  It’s a great resource to have especially if you live in Chicago during the winter season and want to stay active! Designer Rod Hunt illustrated this fun anatomical robot to communicate the concept of measuring… Read More »SOBeFIT Magazine

Body Maintenance

Clever advertising series for Toyota car service/maintenance by Harshad Badbe.  We’ve seen this a lot before, but I still think it’s a very cool spine execution! Would love to see a brain too… [via Behance]    

Roy Awards 2009: Eyes

“The art of making people give away their eyes for 30 seconds.” I like it, simple and cool! Advertising Agency: Le Bureau, Sweden Creatives: Jonas Wittenmark & Tobias Carlson Photographer: Erik Undéhn Retouch: Johan Rosenberg [via AdsOfTheWorld]


Figure 2.1: “As important as the muscular system is the game system, a critical tool used by physical therapists as an aid in traditional rehabilitation.” “The good thing about Wii is that its serious side feels like fun and games.” “Wii has been used to assist physical therapists in helping… Read More »AnatoWii

Eagle Print Awards 2009: Heart

“Nobody said it was easy. Proudly sponsored by Independent Newspapers.” Advertising agency ‘King James’ created this very suggestive and impressive advert for the Eagle Print Awards ’09. They use good old sayings involving a heart, haystack and a cactus. See more from this campaign here. Advertising Agency: King James, Cape Town, South Africa… Read More »Eagle Print Awards 2009: Heart

When You’ve Been Filthy…

Good lord, this makes filthy look like fun. kinda. sticky maybe. Anyway, the photos are rad, they were taken by fashion and advertising photographer Marc Philbert, for more of his stellar work, check out his website! His beauty section is, well, beautiful! Stunning photographs all of em. [via designyoutrust]    

PJ’s Smoothies Campaign

Students Diego Machado and Ricardo Motti of the Miami Ad School ESPM, Sao Paulo, created this campaign for PJ’s Smoothies.  The crude collage technique feels kitschy and fun…    

The Roma Skripchenko Portfolio

“M” (detail) – Advertising, Photo Manipulation, Print Design “TheTruHard“ – Illustration, Print Design Extracted from the graphic design portfolio of Roma Skripchenko, an artist from Ukraine. I like specially the brain, and how the cables represent quite well, and at the same time, the gyrus and the synapses behind then.… Read More »The Roma Skripchenko Portfolio

Zurich Chamber Orchestra

These ads have been rapidly circulating the Internets for the past week, but I just had to post them because they fit so perfectly on this blog. Beautiful and original way to integrate human anatomy into an advertisement.  Such a great concept that speaks perfectly to the position of how… Read More »Zurich Chamber Orchestra

Are You Creative?

Poster design for the German design school, Akademie an der Einstein strasse U5, by Felix Vonder Weppen.  The type that’s creating the convolutions in the brain reads, “Are you Creative?  I am!” [via Behance]    

Thyroid Cancer Ads

Thyroid cancer is growing 7 times faster than breast cancer. Ask your doctor to check your neck. It could save your life. Thyroid cancer is growing 6 times faster than prostate cancer. Ask your doctor to check your neck. It could save your life. Thyroid cancer is growing 5 times… Read More »Thyroid Cancer Ads

What Runs Through Your Veins

What runs through your veins runs better without cholesterol. Eating Cheerios for 6 weeks can reduce cholesterol by 4%. Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, USA Note how all is coming out from the heart, very symbolic, and love the art! [via AdsOfTheWorld]    

Children Of Chernobyl

Children Of Chernobyl Prenatal Health Control. Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Kyiv, Ukraine Creative Director: Claus-Steffen Braun Art Director: Evgeniy Tonev Illustrator: Roman Skripchenko Photographer: East News Published: April 2009 Very creative how they combined the structure of an apple with the female anatomy. Also notice that the seeds are the… Read More »Children Of Chernobyl