Tied-Together is a cause to help fight the global help crisis, HIV/AIDS.  Various cities around the globe, including New York and Paris, participated in this cause earlier this month by running for 120 consecutive hours. This poster above was retouched by Marc Wyndham, and was created for this cause in… Read More »Tied-Together

Pac-man Skull Revisited

“The outdoor for your kids. The museum for their video games.” Advertising Agency: LatinWorks, Austin, USA Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Alcocer Creative Director: Diego Castillo Art Directors: Rob Casillas, Daslav Maslov Copy: Diego Castillo Photographer: Sergio Celume Production Manager: Steve Grill Published: May 2010 About 3 years ago I posted… Read More »Pac-man Skull Revisited

Talking While Driving

From what I could gather from the awesome Google translate tool, the Bangalore traffic police teamed up with the advertising agency, Mudra Group, India, to make this series of public service announcements warning people of the risk of talking on the phone with people while they are driving. Pretty graphic and… Read More »Talking While Driving

Diabetes Ads

Don’t treat Diabetes to your kidneys. About 10 to 40 percent of patients with Type 2 Diabetes will eventually suffer from kidney failure. So, visit your doctor regularly and ensure healthy kidneys. Here’s a public announcement effort by Greenroom Advertising Mumbai, India in educating those with Type 2 Diabetes to… Read More »Diabetes Ads

SOBeFIT Magazine Art

We’ve posted work from SOBeFit Magazine before, and thanks to our friend/designer Sarah Cazee, we have some more to show!  The work above is very conceptual and well designed, making the content fun and inviting to read, with the readers getting valuable education about their bodies.  Check out the magazine… Read More »SOBeFIT Magazine Art

CMYK 45 Advertising

Here are some great ads done for CMYK magazine.  Top ad is by Lana Shahmoradian and Natalie Hammel of VCU. Bottom ad is by Jason Sweeten and Kelley Miller of The University of Texas at Austin.  This is a really cool ambient concept using an internal-organ hoodie to reveal the… Read More »CMYK 45 Advertising

Ramorama Ads

Nice looking ads that read “Expose Yourself” for tee-shirt company Ramorama.  Their site contains lots of anatomy imagery as well…

WWF: Lungs

“Before it’s too late” A powerful ad from the World Wildlife Foundation reminding us of the costs of deforestation. The ad was done by the French advertising agency TBWA/Paris.

Special Olympics


Amazing animation and concept for the Special Olympics by designer Vincent Viriot.  Beautifully done in my opinion and just a great memorable ad.  Well done!

Reborn: Organ Donation Ad

An advertisement for Red Cross China brilliantly reminds people to donate by depicting adult fetuses growing inside of human organs. “Donate an organ and give someone another chance to live” Advertising Agency: JWT, Shanghai, China Creative Directors: Lo ShuengYan, Tiffany Huang Art Director: Alan Zhang Copywriter: Vno Tang Photographer: Jeff… Read More »Reborn: Organ Donation Ad

Notoginseng: Blood Vessels Ads

“Keep your blood vessels young.” Remember, it’s what you have on the inside what really matters! Advertising Agency: Draftfcb Hong Kong Creative Directors: Raymond Chau, Sammy Law, Valeria Auyang, Art Director / Illustrator: Wong Sum Foon Copywriter: Calvin Chan Published: September 2009 [via AdsOfTheWorld]    

River North Dance Company Ads

“Built by River North Dance Company.” Beautiful artwork showing the work behind (or should I say ‘inside’?) a dancer. Advertising Agency: Y&R Chicago, USA Chief Creative Officer: Ken Erke Creative Director: Sonya Grewal Copywriter: Michelle Nam Art Director: Gabo Curiel Photographer: Erika Dufour Illustrator: Alex Gross Art Buyer: Kourtney Hoffman… Read More »River North Dance Company Ads