International Vegetarian Union

Totally rad ad for veggies, love the tomato heart, the copy reads: “Veggies are all your body needs.” Enough to make you quit the meat? Debatable. [thanks to Aman for the link]    

Body Maintenance

Clever advertising series for Toyota car service/maintenance by Harshad Badbe.  We’ve seen this a lot before, but I still think it’s a very cool spine execution! Would love to see a brain too… [via Behance]    


Figure 2.1: “As important as the muscular system is the game system, a critical tool used by physical therapists as an aid in traditional rehabilitation.” “The good thing about Wii is that its serious side feels like fun and games.”… Read More »AnatoWii

PJ’s Smoothies Campaign

Students Diego Machado and Ricardo Motti of the Miami Ad School ESPM, Sao Paulo, created this campaign for PJ’s Smoothies.  The crude collage technique feels kitschy and fun…