Every 43 Seconds…

These crafty images were made by Jung von Matt for an advertising campaign for Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker. The message is a strong one— every 43 seconds someone dies from gun violence. The grenade may be the only slightly out of place image among the other guns, but violence is violence, and… Read More »Every 43 Seconds…

SPLASH Campaign

Here’s a nicely executed campaign for Splash Drinking Water by Azizuddin Khusro.  The tagline reads: Replenish your body. [via Behance]

Playland Campaign

I love this simple campaign for the Vancouver amusement park, Playland by Rethink Communications. Their advertising and design work is very fresh and smart, so if you need some visual and conceptual inspiration, check out their site!

GNC Vitamin Store Commercial

GNC Vitamin Store commercial by menosunocerouno

Look at everything your heart does… Give thanks to your heart.  Give thanks to your body.  Take care of it with GNC. This wonderfully cute commercial was the creation of Mexico-based ad agency MENOSUNOCEROUNO for GNC’s Vitamin Store.  It’s amazing what our little hearts have to put up with! Watch… Read More »GNC Vitamin Store Commercial

Dementia Awareness Campaign

Jaye Douce created and designed this Dementia awareness campaign for the Nation Health Service UK. He used string to make the analogy of how the mind can unravel over time, and incorporated helpful information for those who may feel they’re suffering from this condition.  Three different ads were designed all… Read More »Dementia Awareness Campaign

Volkswagen: Red blood cells

Sometimes, without knowing why, your heart beats faster. Advertising Agency: DDB Barcelona, Spain Creative Director: Jose Mª Roca de Vinyals Art Director: Xavi Sitjar Copywriter: Isahac Oliver Photographer: Fergus Stothart Published: January 2007 Ad for the Volkswagen Beetle by DDB Barecelona, Spain. [via adsoftheworld]

Anlene Osteoporosis Ads

Click to enlarge the images Osteoporosis causes 1.6 million hip fractures every year. Very effective visuals to represent the fragility of osteoporotic bone.  I read somewhere that these were actual glass piece that were shot as they hit the ground.  That’s unconfirmed, but fantastic if it’s true! Advertising Agency: BBDO… Read More »Anlene Osteoporosis Ads

Organ Donation Ads

This in-hospital poster campaign was designed for Organ Donation at the AUB Medical Center. I love the headline treatments! Agency: JWT Dubai // Art Director: Nizar Swailem // Copywriter: Ash Chagla // Digital Illustrator: Nabil Kamara [via Behance]

All Animals Have the Same Parts

This PETA advertisement, which has caused some considerable debate on the sexism front, features Pamela Anderson sectioned off into delicious human meat cuts. I don’t know about you, but this just makes me want a Pam Sand…erson. I mean.. ham. Ham sanderson. sandwich. Don’t eat meat.

Black Market

I really enjoy this anatomical design and type treatment by Jorge Arteaga. I love the way the intestines are threaded throughout the pages to hold the content.  Great design but scary topic. [via Behance]

Bosch VitaFresh

Bosch has been marketing their new “fountain of youth”, VitaFresh with a clever ad campaign depicting freshly sealed dinosaur, mammoth, and sabertooth meats. You can watch a video of their supermarket experiment here. Pretty gross, and totally awesome. [via The Daily What]

Air Attack

Above are shots of a Nike Exhibition that celebrated 3 decades of the Nike Air Innovation.  The overall concept of this show read, Nike Air shoes should be worn with caution as they contain air from the lungs of the world’s greatest athletes. The show consisted of a pair of… Read More »Air Attack

Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 Eyewear Campaign

Alexander McQueen takes fashion advertising in a new direction with his Spring 2010 Eyewear ad campaign featuring skulls on top of snakeskin and flower patterns.  I love that the house of Alexander forgoes using models and injects his signature fascination with skeletons into these ads. [spotted by Rust]