Vanessa Ruiz

Smoke This….

A revamped peace pipe? Well, these beauties are certainly no calumet, and the price isn’t too peaceful either. If your wallet is thick enough, you can have your choice of three unique anatomical pipes… to use as uniquely as you… Read More »Smoke This….

WWF: Lungs

“Before it’s too late” A powerful ad from the World Wildlife Foundation reminding us of the costs of deforestation. The ad was done by the French advertising agency TBWA/Paris.

Feed Your Brain

A whole new way to eat your spaghetti, although this brain bowl screams Silence of the Lambs to me… and now I’ve lost my appetite.

Egypt Skulls

My recent travels to Egypt were nothing less than wonderful!  While wandering through a spice market in Aswan, I came across this spray-painted skull on some sort of fuse box and had to capture it.  It totally looks more like… Read More »Egypt Skulls

Skull Light

Add some charm to your home with this skull light from Mixko!  Ruiz should have this no doubt.

Anatomical Couture

Katie Eary, a 25-year old British designer, created this anatomically themed piece for her Spring 2010 collection.  Love the leggings and want the glasses for early morning meetings. [via My Duty was Always to Beauty and the Animal Talk]

Andrew Bird

Awesome Gigposter by designer Doe Eyed.  Love the combination of heart and bird….and only 20 bucks!

Time to Wince

3rd digit dislocation Knee dislocation Ankle fracture/dislocation Traumatic amputation of a guy who hit a semi with his Corvette Smashed elbow You know you can’t help but keep looking! Wincing xrays from the Trauma Radiology collection by Flickr user EckesRaie.

Attractive to Mosquitoes?

Attractive to mosquitoes? Advertising Agency: Publimark Lowe, Costa Rica General Creative Director: Javier Zeledón Creative Directors: Franklin Guevara Art Director / Illustrator: Marco Campos Copywriter: Andrea Touma Published: June 2008 With the number of x-ray ads I’ve posted on Street… Read More »Attractive to Mosquitoes?

Stop Consuming Your Body

“Stop Consuming Your Body” Advertising Agency: NeogamaBBH, Brazil Art Director: Sidney Araújo Copywriter: Alexandre Gama Cool concept, but I wonder, are these type of ads even effective on smokers?