Vanessa Ruiz

Human Ivory

Rachel Betty Case has made these anatomical oddities from what she refers to as ‘human ivory’, that is, finger and toe nail clippings, although they are neither bone nor teeth, which she fully acknowledges. You can purchase through her Etsy,… Read More »Human Ivory


Skull dress via Planet of the Apes

I love this picture of a woman in a skull dress casually walking down the street, especially set against that giant billboard in the background.  So random.  So great. [spotted by Peter via Planet of the Apes]

Anatomical Steam Treasures

Scrub your anatomical parts clean with this set of three soaps featuring an anatomical heart, lungs, and brain by SteamBathFactory. Available for $18 at Etsy! Would make a sweet gift for your anatomy lover. [spotted by Sara]

Glass Works by Esque

Glass Company Esque has some pretty talented employees.  The Heart Vase we’ve seen before on Street Anatomy is amazing, but these above are just as striking.  The Eye and Skull can be purchased here. So cool! [via CoolHunting]

Steam Punk Heart

This steam punk heart is the shirt of the day over at!  It’s only 10 bux!  Get it today and today only, then it shall never be seen again. [spotted by Andrew]

Foot Bones

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an anatomical tattoo, so here’s a fresh foot tat sent to us by Gretchen. I wanted to get my first tattoo for my 30th birthday this year. I knew I wanted it placed… Read More »Foot Bones