Vanessa Ruiz

Hip Pockets

I have a huge appreciation for designers and artists who pay attention to the small details in their work. North Carolina based, Raleigh Denim is a small jean shop that makes all their jeans under one roof with local material… Read More »Hip Pockets

Anatomy Pillow

Rest your anatomy on this anatomy pillow by Heather Lins.  Hand-sewn, 100% wool, and made of eco-friendly materials! $176 bucks here!

Diabetes Ads

Don’t treat Diabetes to your kidneys. About 10 to 40 percent of patients with Type 2 Diabetes will eventually suffer from kidney failure. So, visit your doctor regularly and ensure healthy kidneys. Here’s a public announcement effort by Greenroom Advertising… Read More »Diabetes Ads

Flat Surgery

Flat Surgery is a collection of anatomical rugs by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur commissioned by the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London. Mapping out domestic space using the organs of the human body: Flat Surgery #1 (Digestive System) for eating space,… Read More »Flat Surgery

Joris Laarman

Joris Laarman is a talented Dutch artist whos had his work displayed in major museums like the MoMA in NY.   His Bone Chair, which can be read more about here, was designed on a computer and then cast in aluminum,… Read More »Joris Laarman

Pure Love

Anatomical heart stencil by Pampero STNCL. Para Yenny. See more anatomical street art at our Anatomical Street Art group on Flickr.

Hannah Stouffer

Hannah Stouffer is a California-based illustrator with some really unique work which includes iPhone skins, sneaker prints, and wall decals.  This Mermaid Skeleton decal print above for $60 is perfect for new lovers, mermaid lovers. [via CoolHunting]

Knitted Heart

Cross stitching has never been so fun!  Kevin Hsiu claims this work of art made his grandma quite proud!  Yay Kevin. [via Behance]