Vanessa Ruiz

Surgical Wall Repair

Klein Schneider Floyd-Bradstock Wall Repair

I’ve always had a vision of surgical illustration as street art. Slicing open a wall and retracting the brick back to reveal anatomy underneath would be so striking (or horrifying) to someone walking down the street. This surgical wall project by medical illustrators Joshua Klein, Roy Schneider, and Tonya Floyd-Bradstock comes close… Read More »Surgical Wall Repair

A Cephalopod’s Anatomy Class

Hine Mizushima Cephalopod Anatomy

Hine Mizushima and her friend, Yuko Higuchi, collaborated to create this diorama of a fantastical cephalopod anatomy class. Hine, a needle-felter and stop-motion video artist, crafted the creatures and built the diorama. She placed Yuko’s beautiful illustrations throughout and made the stunning anatomical heart the centerpiece.  The inherent cuteness of it all is… Read More »A Cephalopod’s Anatomy Class

Hannes Hummel’s Luxury Problems

Hannes Hummel Luxury Problems blue detail

Cologne-based designer Hannes Hummel created this set of busts based on dub techno producer Andy Stott’s record titled, “Luxury Problems.” The morbid busts are reflective of Andy Stott’s dark, complex, and choppy sound. Hannes began the creation process by scanning several busts and skulls. He then remixed them digitally to… Read More »Hannes Hummel’s Luxury Problems

Nature and Objects as Anatomy byJana Heidersdorf

Jana Heidersdorf Rope Ribcage

German illustrator Jana Heidersdorf, is inspired by “nature, fairytales, and everything fantastic and feral.” In this series titled, “Inner Workings,” Jana transforms objects, such as a porcelain teapot and rope, into iconic anatomical forms. The knitting needles and yarn illustration is especially interesting. The frayed ends of each piece of… Read More »Nature and Objects as Anatomy byJana Heidersdorf

Eye-Popping Cover Art of the Brazilian Version of Stiff by Mary Roach

Gabriel Silveira Curiosidade Morbida Mary Roach cover

Gabriel Silveira is an illustrator working in São Paulo, Brazil. He was invited to illustrate the cover of Curiosidade Morbida, the Brazilian version of Stiff, by Mary Roach. The creative brief stated a simple request to relate to the theme of the book, without being morbid. Gabriel ended up creating a rather lively… Read More »Eye-Popping Cover Art of the Brazilian Version of Stiff by Mary Roach

Human Anatomy Alphabet by Laura Facci – Exclusive Print Release

Human Anatomy Alphabet by Laura Facci available at the Street Anatomy Store

Caracas based illustrator, Laura Facci, challenged herself to create an alphabet using anatomical terminology. The result is a beautiful anatomical alphabet with artistic flare. Each letter, drawn in stunning detail, features quirky additions that make you want to explore each one. She released the print exclusively for Street Anatomy! 23.375 in… Read More »Human Anatomy Alphabet by Laura Facci – Exclusive Print Release

Monica Ong’s CT Scan Poem

Monica Ong Corona Mestiza

Monica Ong is a visual artist and poet who combines powerful imagery, often medically related, with words that speak out to the “silenced histories of the body.” In Corona Mestiza, Monica juxtapozes a CT-scan with the silhouette of the Philippine Islands creating an effect that looks like a series of… Read More »Monica Ong’s CT Scan Poem

Vero Navarro’s Hipster Bones

Vero Navarro Hipster Bones

Madrid based illustrator, Vero Navarro is a colored pencil master. She skillfully combines colored pencil with digital techniques. Her illustrations are delightful and clever as you can see in this piece titled, “Hipster Bones.” I especially enjoy the bone pattern shirt! To view more of Vero’s beautiful work, visit