Jennifer von Glahn

A Brain is for Eating

A Brain is for Eating by Dan and Amelia Jacobs

I think I’ve stressed before on here that I am terrified of zombies; I couldn’t pass this little beauty up when I found it. Originally a Kickstarter campaign written by Dan and Amelia Jacobs, the lovely book has all the organs we know and love and it even rhymes: Though… Read More »A Brain is for Eating

Kristina Collantes

Chloe by Kristina Collantes

The above work is from artist Kristina Collantes, a Philippines native who resides in California. Let me tell you—her stuff is mesmerizing. The middle piece – “Ghost of Love” – may be one of my favorite pieces we’ve featured here. I’ve enjoyed seeing all the pieces in her portfolio and… Read More »Kristina Collantes

E Cosi Desio Me Mena

“E Cosi Desio Me Mena,” the title for this beautiful ring by DIGBY + IONA, comes from the Italian ‘And So Desire Carries Me Along’, a quote from Petrarch’s 1342 work, Canzoniere. The heart signet comes with sealing wax! Nice touch. This would be a brilliant way to leave a calling card… Read More »E Cosi Desio Me Mena

Flower Pump

I’m a flower person. Love them everywhere. It’s really sad that I live in a tiny studio apartment with 3 huge windows that face a wall.  To solve this, I buy cut flowers quite frequently. I have a vases in a variety of sizes. This is one I would want… Read More »Flower Pump