Heather Tompkins

Anatomical Typewriter Sculptures by Jeremy Mayer

Wow. Words can’t describe how cool this is (especially given his process)! Jeremy Mayer has mastered the disassembling and reassembling of old typewriters into anatomical figures, both human and animal. The figures fit together seamlessly in an intricate, delicate, and yet also robust way. It seems like typewriters are the perfect medium to convey the beauty of the human (or really… Read More »Anatomical Typewriter Sculptures by Jeremy Mayer

Mathilde Roussel – Mues

mathilde roussel mue

These beautiful and delicate sculptures, crafted of paper and glue, were made by French artist, Mathilde Roussel. Meant to emulate human skin, these folded sculptures serve as a metaphor for everyday human change, as the artist explain in their own words: We imperceptibly change everyday as if we were changing skin. The Mues sculptures… Read More »Mathilde Roussel – Mues

SOMA by James Jean

Well, artist extraordinaire, James Jean, is at it again. Here is a character lineup for a secret project called SOMA that he has in the works. No info about the project is out yet, but the illustrations are amazing, definitely click for a larger view. My favorite, of course, is The Blood.

Lobulo Design

Lobulo Design Lady Gaga

Whoa. Ok, this takes paper crafts to the next level. Lobulo Design, of London/Barcelona, does some stunning work, all hand cut! Most of the pieces have a lot of depth, not always translated in the head on shots, but their website has some really great behind the scenes photos and videos of how these… Read More »Lobulo Design

Love Your Heart by Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische love your heart

These beautifully rendered anatomical type illustrations were done by the extremely talented Jessica Hische for an article about women’s heart health. With numerous wonderful projects under her belt, her portfolio is sure to be inspiring to anyone who loves type and/or does type design. In her own words: I think people generally love language,… Read More »Love Your Heart by Jessica Hische

Six Word Stories Every Day

Six Word Stories Everyday

So, while fiddling around on twitter today I stumbled upon this awesome little project called Six Word Stories Every Day, and was pleasantly surprised to find a handful of them with anatomical illustrations. This is exactly what it sounds like; stories, in 6 words, coupled with beautiful designs to represent each. A… Read More »Six Word Stories Every Day

Electric Hand Animation

Found this nifty gif while browsing ffffound. If anyone knows its origins, give us a shout! Or, just enjoy its awesomeness. Update: This is, in fact, from the opening to Dragon Ball Z (which I have never seen). Thanks for the info everyone!

BikeSkull by Dadu Shin

Oh man, this illustration has bikes and anatomy!? I’m already in love. This beautiful sketchbook image was done by the extremely awesome Dadu Shin. We’re talking amazing illustration skills, no really, go check out his portfolio now, you won’t be sorry! The serenity and simplicity is good for what ails you. What a… Read More »BikeSkull by Dadu Shin


Is it wrong to say this made my morning? I laughed out loud, it reminds me of Forehead Tittaes, real mature. Can’t say I’m an iPhone user myself, but I can’t imagine this fits well in your back pocket. But for those of you who are willing to try it… Read More »iBoobies