Emily Evans

Anatomist, Medical Illustrator, Senior Demonstrator of Anatomy at Cambridge University. Morbid Anatomy artist and anatomist in residence. Author of 'Anatomy in Black'. Owner of Anatomy Boutique.

The Growth of Microbial Art

amnh secret world inside of you

There are 3 books hanging out on my coffee table that I’m currently enjoying: 10% human, Tiny creatures and Bio Art. It seems ‘Microbe’ is the new ‘buzz word’. With the recent estimation that as much as 90% of a human’s cellular make up could be microbial, coupled by the fact that… Read More »The Growth of Microbial Art

Have You Seen This Heart?

Historical Anatomical Heart

The chances are that your answer to that question is yes. If you look at as many anatomical inspired works of art and products as I do, then that answer is yes, hundreds of times. With the use of anatomical imagery in the creative industries having bourgeoned over the last… Read More »Have You Seen This Heart?