LAMBUJA NOIA infographic

Infographic for Mundo Estranho Magazine, 182 – July 2016


LAMBUJA cat anatomy


Infographic for Superinteressante Magazine – 369 12/2016


LAMBUJA 100 Bovino infographic

Infographic for Superinteressante Magazine, 2013

LAMBUJA 100 Bovino

São Paulo based illustrator Pedro Henrique Ferreira brings the most explosive energy to what could otherwise be a standard infographic. The first infographic above takes a look at how different types of drugs effect the body. The illustration is uncomfortable, disturbing, yet still fascinating—a win when trying to engage the viewer. His work is very reminiscent of the street artist Nychos who also uses explosive anatomical views to visualize the insides of pop culture icons and animals.

LAMBUJA mouth website

View all of Pedro’s work, anatomically themed or otherwise at (Try not to have fun opening and closing the mouth as you scroll his site).