Jessica Burke’s Dressed Up Bones

Jessica Burke Bandit Queen

San Antonio Rose (The Bandit Queen)
30 x 20″, Prismacolor on Canson Colorline (Fuchsia), 2016

Jessica Burke The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight
24 x 20″, Prismacolor on Canford Imperial (Gun Metal), 2016

Jessica Burke Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty
30 x 20″, Prismacolor on Canford Imperial (Royal Purple), 2015

Jessica Burke Myopic Green Knight

Myopic Green Knight
24 x 18″, Prismacolor on on Fabriano Tiziano 160g (Billiard Green), 2016

Jessica Burke Public Enemy

Public Enemy
22 x 32″, Graphite on Arches, 2016

There’s something special about someone who takes studying the figure or the skeleton to a whole new level. Jessica Burke is a figurative artist who trained classically as a painter in oils. She chose to work on this Dressed Up Bones series because, quite simply, skeletons are the base of every human. But while they are a human identifier, they are not a specific person identifier. Hence the drive to give each skeleton a personality through costume. The result is a lively look at an often stiff subject.

I also can’t help but think of the quirky Instagram account of OMGLiterallyDead where the skeleton named “Skellie” takes on the outfits and persona of a girl who can’t even.

For more information on Jessica and her art check out her portfolio and her interview on Artevaggio!