The past few months have been full of incredible anatomical street art. So much so that it’s been difficult to keep up! Below are some of our favorites from our top street artists and even a medical illustrator!


NYCHOS Translucent Heart Attach Buschwick

‘Translucent Heart Attack’ by NYCHOS — Buschwick, Brooklyn, New York

NYCHOS Exploding Ronald Head Coney Island

‘Exploding Ronald Head’ by NYCHOS — Coney Island, New York

NYCHOS Dissection of Sigmund Freud Vienna

‘Dissection of Sigmund Freud’ by NYCHOS — Vienna, Austria

Nychos Vienna Therapy Flatiron Plaza NYC

‘Vienna Therapy’ by NYCHOS — Flatiron Plaza, New York City

Nychos is currently in New York City preparing for the opening of his solo show IKON at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Manhattan on Saturday, June 25th, running through July 23rd. He created an anatomical portrait series of celebrities and fictional characters primarily from the 1980s.

By dismantling their anatomy he explores the humanity that exists underneath the mask of celebrity and confronts viewers with the core elements we all have in common: flesh and bones.

Prior to the opening of IKON, Nychos participated in the Coney Art Walls with an epic explosive Ronald McDonald head (above). He also unveiled a ten-foot tall sculpture, The Dissection of Sigmund Freud, at Flatiron Plaza on June 16th in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Vienna. Following the opening, Nychos will create a large-scale mural at a building owned by Mana Contemporary located in Jersey City near the approach to the Holland Tunnel.

Street Anatomy will be at the opening of IKON on Saturday, June 25th. This is not one to miss!



SHOK1 Progress Eindhoven Holland

‘Progress’ by SHOK-1 —Eindhoven, Holland

SHOK1 The Consumed Dubai

‘The Consumed’ by SHOK-1 — Dubai

SHOK-1 Dog With Bones London

‘Dog With Bone’ by SHOK-1 — London



DNA Illustrations

Alex Webber Baker Anatomical Heart Asheville NC

‘Anatomical Heart’ by Alex Webber Baker of DNA Illustrations — Asheville, North Carolina

Alex Webber Baker Anatomical Heart Asheville NC

Alex is a medical illustrator who used her skills to create this electrically vibrant anatomical heart for the 3rd annual Burners and BBQ Mural Event at the River Arts District in Asheville, North Carolina.



Achilles Face Skull

Face door skull reveal by Achilles — Unknown location


Rx Skulls

Rx Skulls — Portland, Oregon

Rx Skulls — Portland, Oregon

Rx Skulls Portland lock

‘Lock Skull’ by Rx Skulls — Portland, Oregon




Hutch Death Spray Brighton BT Box

‘Death Spray’ by Hutch — Brighton, UK


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