Melis Buyruk – Anatomy Served

Melis Buryruk Bon Appetit

Melis Buyruk Menschliches allzumenschliches 2015 2

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Melis Buyruk Arabesque Porcelain

Melis Buyruk Arabesque Porcelain Heart

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Melis Buyruk crafts anatomical forms in ceramic some of which are featured on plates and embellished with insects and flowers. She uses ceramic, an often utilitarian material, as a form of presentation of both inner and outer beauty. Anatomical features are served separated from any tie to gender, race, or social position.

I followed up with Melis to ask her a few questions about herself and anatomy:

SA: Where are you currently based?
Melis: I am living in Istanbul.

SA: What motivates you to use anatomy in your work?
Melis: Anatomical parts of the human are the most democratic things about human being I think. I choose to emphasize what all human beings have in common. I transmit my motive to my audience through my choice of ordinary acts of human beings such as eating—a general, mechanical, and instinctive behaviour that is common to all species.

SA: Do you have a background in science or art or both?
Melis: I don’t have background in science but I am an artist. I studied fine arts.

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