Candy Anatomy—a Story of Sweet Success

Candy Anatomy - The Eye - by Mike McCormick

A 2nd-year medical student at Glasgow University, Mike McCormick, takes a sweet approach to depicting human anatomy. What started as an artistic hobby quickly exploded in popularity and earned him a surprise 20k followers on Instagram. Despite Mike describing his hobby as “the ultimate form of procrastination”, since he’s now in his second year, presumably he’s passed his anatomy exams with top marks!

From banana brains to flying saucer sherbets representing the lens of the eye, Mike brings fun and humor into what can be an overwhelming subject to learn.

Candy Anatomy Female reproductive system by Mike McCormick
Candy Anatomy - The Liver - by Mike McCormick
Candy Anatomy - The Kidney - by Mike McCormick
Candy Anatomy - The Brain - by Mike McCormick
University of Glasgow MB ChB Programme Handbook 2015-2016 Mike McCormick Candy Anatomy

Mike’s candy anatomy is now the pride of the University of Glasgow Medical School Programme 2015/2016.

Check out Mike’s entire anatomy candy collection on Instagram.

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