ANATOMY in the STREETS – Roundup 2

Alexis Diaz Sao Paulo Brasil

Collaboration with INTI for the O-BRA Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Alex Diaz

A native of Puerto Rico, Alexis Diaz creates huge detailed murals of phantasmagoric animals and anatomy.

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Shok 1 Diagnosis of a Like

‘Diagnosis of a Like’ at Art Basel, Miami

Shok 1

British artist SHOK-1 spray paints unique X-ray art on walls around the world. His X-rays show how culture can become part of the anatomy of a person, and conversely, how culture can have an anatomy of its own.

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Rx Skulls new skull

Debuting a new skull style on the streets

Rx Skulls

Portland based screen printer and street sticker artist churning out endless skulls.

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Jennifer Korsen Beverly Tint 2015

Heart at Beverly Tint, Los Angeles

Jennifer Korsen

Los Angeles based artist focusing on the human heart.

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Ludo cherry skulls

‘Skull Cherries’ unknown location


Paris based street artist Ludo mashes up the biological with the technological with a darkness that speaks to how we interact with our world.

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