December, 2015

ANATOMY in the STREETS – Roundup 2+

Alex Diaz A native of Puerto Rico, Alexis Diaz creates huge detailed murals of phantasmagoric animals and anatomy. Follow Alex Diaz on...

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A Curious Bestiary+

Melbourne based artist Kaitlin Beckett creates chimerical creatures who often harness anatomical, medical and musical elements. Kaitlin uses a variety...

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Your Anatomy During an Ultramarathon+

I recently watched Desert Runners on Netflix. It tells the story of these non-professional runners who not only choose to run ultramarathons, but...

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We Travel the Body in Red and Blue+

Bogotá based photographer Paola Rojas and illustrator David Pérez collaborated on this stunning project titled Visceral. In their combined forces we see the body-centric photography...

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Anatomy in Black by Emily Evans+

“Anatomy in Black bridges the gap between academic text and pop culture.” – Emily Evans We often think of anatomy textbooks...

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