Choclatomy by Asma Javeri 

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Just when I thought I’ve seen every type of mashup of anatomy with something, I stumble upon Choclatomy. That’s right, anatomical illustrations paired with delicious morsels of chocolate!

Created by Pakistan-based artist Asma Javeri at a time when she was torn between studying medicine or art (maybe she didn’t hear about medical illustration?). I’m putting her description of the project here because it’s so nice that I don’t think I could do it justice,

“Torn between the choice of studying medicine or art, my heart tugged me to choose the latter – this is how I found myself in a bipolar relationship with illustration; with a persistent fascination with life. Choclatomy represents my love for art and biology along with a little something sweet added to the equation. In this series, I find myself exploring the human anatomy and expressing it in the form of artistic anatomical illustrations. The use of chocolate as a part of the anatomy I draw is a subtle representation of filling a void in an integral part of your being. Which often results from having to choose an option and giving up the other. On a lighter note, Choclatomy is just something that adds a little sugar to your timeline, hoping to sweeten your day, if not literally save lives.”

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