The Elegance of Muscle

Giselle Vitali Musculante pattern doctors office

Giselle Vitali musculo Giselle Vitali musculo Giselle Vitali musculo Giselle Vitali musculo

There’s something so beautiful about muscle fibers. But we’re used to seeing them in their classic muscle architecture—fusiform, parallel, bipennate, etc. What happens when we break muscles out of their usual anatomical shapes? Take a bicep, stretch it out and twist it. Take the sartorius and wrap it up like a cord.

Given her admiration of muscles, medical artist Giselle Vitali did just this. She molded muscles into elegant, fun, and intricate forms, each taking on a unique personality and language. Each design features the word “muscle” translated into a different language. Together the Muscle Language prints form an exquisite decorative collection of subtle anatomical design.

Giselle Vitali muscle pack

Giselle Vitali muscle pack

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