The Creation of a Medical Illustration by Jared Travnicek

Jared Travnicek Posterior Inferior Cerebellar artery aneurysm

Jared Travnicek sketching

Indianapolis-based Medical illustrator, Jared Travnicek takes us through each step of his process for creating a medical illustration. This medical illustration shows the clipping of a posterior inferior cerebellar artery aneurysm. Note that he mentions “after revisions” a couple of times throughout the video. Medical illustration is all about research and checking accuracy. This often happens through the review of a medical professional, either the surgeon performing the operation or an anatomist. While anyone can in theory draw anatomy, it takes a medical illustrator to draw it accurately. Using a medical illustrator cuts down on the back and forth of these revisions.

Jared takes us through the following steps in hyperspeed:

  1. The initial discussion revolves around the basic goals and general approach for the procedure.
  2. Next we go through each step in detail, using microsurgical videos for source material.
  3. Then I begin my rough sketches…
  4. After some revision, the final sketch is scanned into the computer and I begin to render.

Jared wrote a series of articles on medical illustration, including an interview with me back in 2012, for Fortnight Journal. They are wonderfully written and informative. Take a read through each!

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