We are all Atado a Ella (Tied to Her)

Giselle Vitali Atado a Ella available at the Street Anatomy Store

Giselle Vitali Atado a Ella available at the Street Anatomy Store


The concept of femininity in anatomy is central to the work of medical artist, Giselle Vitali. Atado a Ella (Tied to Her) represents the power of a female condensed down into an inverted pyramid. This symbol is a direct reference to the female reproductive organs and the life they bring forth.

Giselle’s inspiration comes from the belief that, “All humans in one way or another are bound “to her,” as children, as couples, as sisters, as friends, as…many ties.”

Giselle represents these ties as finely drawn silver lines connecting the hand to the inverted pyramid.

Atado a Ella is available at the Street Anatomy Store.


About The Artist

Giselle Vitali medical artist signing prints

Born in Caracas, Venezuela Giselle Vitali has been illustrating her entire life with whatever medium she could find. She studied illustration at the Design Institute of Caracas and while there realized that anatomy was the main theme emerging through many of her illustration and sculptural projects. Giselle eventually moved to Barcelona to complete postgraduate work in illustration and a Master’s in 3D illustration/ animation.

Her passion continues to be human anatomy. She pushes anatomy to the boundaries of surrealism while keeping the sense of the anatomical intact.