A Cephalopod’s Anatomy Class by Hine Mizushima

Hine Mizushima Cephalopod Anatomy 2
Hine Mizushima Cephalopod Anatomy
Hine Mizushima Cephalopod Anatomy 3
Hine Mizushima Cephalopod Anatomy 4

Hine Mizushima and her friend, Yuko Higuchi, collaborated to create this diorama of a fantastical cephalopod anatomy class.

Hine, a needle-felter and stop-motion video artist, crafted the creatures and built the diorama. She placed Yuko’s beautiful illustrations throughout and made the stunning anatomical heart the centerpiece. The inherent cuteness of it all is amplified by the tiny details—from the anatomical models to the scalpels in the dissection kit.

Hine and Yuko succeed in transporting us back to our time in biology class, but with a magical marine twist. A world where everything from a cat to an anatomical heart sprouts tentacles.

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