Monica Ong’s CT Scan Poem

Monica Ong Corona Mestiza

Corona Mestiza, 2011, Duratrans print on X-ray viewbox, 14 x 18 in

Monica Ong is a visual artist and poet who combines powerful imagery, often medically related, with words that speak out to the “silenced histories of the body.”

In Corona Mestiza, Monica juxtapozes a CT-scan with the silhouette of the Philippine Islands creating an effect that looks like a series of serious brain lesions. Monica says that the visual poem, “…seeks to decipher the mystery of the father…I wanted to reclaim the clinical space with fragments of nomadic history, the longing for a sense of origin, and how people have difficulty “placing him.”

Corona Mestiza is published the Summer 2011 issue of Lantern Review.

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