Bone If I’d – Surgical Screws as Art

Federico Carbajal Bone If Id

BONE_IF_I’D: Commissioned piece  Galvanized wire, plexiglass and surgical steel 10” x 6” x 30”

Federico Carbajal Bone If Id Federico Carbajal Bone If Id Federico Carbajal Bone If Id Federico Carbajal Bone If Id sketch

After suffering a terrible roller blading injury involving the insertion of surgical screws, what does one do with the screws once they are removed? Commission an art piece! Federico Carbajal’s latest wire sculpture features the lower leg of a woman focusing on the real surgical screws used in reconstructing her ankle. The screws are bright red with a magnifying glass centered over their location. It’s a lasting tribute to the repair and recovery of the body.

Federico is an architect based in Montreal. His art is heavily influenced by anatomy and he is best known for his anatomical wire sculptures, or what he calls, Spatial Sketching.

Spatial sketching allows for the possibility of new representations of images in space, exploring the void and the dematerialization of volume.  The physical and metaphysical presence of the human body emanate through a combination of transparent planes and spatial lines. –Federico Carbajal

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