Artist Marcelo Schultz Transforms Nike Sneaker into Skulls

Marcelo Schultz We Love Kicks
Marcelo Schultz We Love Kicks 2
Marcelo Schultz We Love Kicks 3
Marcelo Schultz Nike Skull yellow
Marcelo Schultz Nike Skull green
Marcelo Schultz Nike Skull red
Marcelo Schultz Nike Skull sketch

Marcelo Schultz isn’t new to creating skulls out of sneaker parts. In his project titled “We Love Kicks,” Marcelo crafts skulls from leather, shoe laces, rubber and stitching.¬†Nike then commissioned him to “Create a skull in a highly dimensional and dynamic way using footwear textures.” Of course, Marcelo blew this creative brief out of the water. I love the way he used the shoe textures and pieces to create all the details in the skulls.

Marcelo works in the south of Brazil and is currently looking for a position in a graphic studio in the US or Europe. View his portfolio at and on Behance!

2 thoughts on “Artist Marcelo Schultz Transforms Nike Sneaker into Skulls”

  1. The only similarity I see with Brian Jungen is the use of sneakers. Marcelo created illustrations inspired by Nike sneakers, while Brian Jungen creates physical sculptures and masks from them. I’m all for calling out artists who blatantly copy, but I don’t think this is the case in this instance.

  2. This guy is totally ripping off Brian Jungen, a Canadian artist who has been repurposing sneakers to make masks and other native-inspired artwork for years. I call bullshit.

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