Anatomy of War by Noah Scalin

Noah Scalin Anatomy of War
Anatomy of War: Smith & Wesson  (8.5 x 5.75 x 1.5 in.) Polymer clay, acrylic, enamel
Noah Scalin Anatomy of War
Noah Scalin Anatomy of War

The talented and prolific artist Noah Scalin just released a new project called the “Anatomy of War.” It features a sculpted gun dissected to reveal a set of human-like organs. The sculpture is a test for a new series Noah will be showing this fall at the Krause Gallery in New York City (Timing TBD).

Noah’s statement about the piece is well stated:

“It’s impossible to separate the violence of the ongoing wars around the globe from the weapons that fuel them. Specifically the countless numbers of small arms that are endlessly in circulation passing hand-to-hand. Too often the discussion around guns in America gets wrapped up in emotional terms around the 2nd Amendment. The idea behind The Anatomy of War series is to bring the discussion back to the individual human level.

The gun has been clinically dissected revealing a remarkably human set of internal organs – rather than the cold steel and bullets normally found within. The object becomes as fragile as the lives that it can potentially take. In addition the gun become a physical extension of the body of the user of the weapon, albeit one with a conspicuously absent brain.”

We look forward to seeing the entire series!