Home Is Where The Heart Is

Ella Nitters Home HeartElla Nitters Home Heart Huisnr

Fascinated with the iconic representation of a house, designer Koen Wilde decided to carve it out of wood. He then sent out this tiny wooden house to artists all over the world and told them to do what they want with it. He calls the project Huisnr.

Rotterdam-based illustrator, Ella Nitters took part in Koen’s project. Her fascination with anatomy led her to do something anatomical with the house. She went ahead and carved a beautiful little anatomical heart, perfectly connecting the two concepts through the phrase, “Home is where the heart is.” Below you can see Ella’s process.

Ella Nitters Home Heart carving Ella Nitters Home Heart carving 2 Ella Nitters Home Heart Ella Nitters Home Heart

Ella is currently specializing in medical illustration at Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts & Design and the Anatomy Department of Maastricht University. You can see her illustrations at ellanitters.com and Behance.

Ella Nitters torso skeleton

I enjoy her style, it’s so delicate, yet sharp. Definitely keep an eye on this one!