Giselle Vitali’s Muscle Pattern Experiments

Giselle Vitali Muscle Infinite Pattern

Giselle Vitali, Barcelona-based medical artist and friend of Street Anatomy, continues to use anatomy as a basis for experimentation and manipulation. I’ve always enjoyed the way she draws muscle fibers, which she tends to focus on in most of her anatomical illustrations. Here she manipulates muscle in a variety of ways to create repeating patterns. An interesting experiment blending anatomy and design!

Giselle Vitali Muscle IOI Pattern

Giselle Vitali Muscle Cobweb Pattern

Giselle Vitali Muscle Loop PatternGiselle Vitali Muscle Coil Pattern

Giselle Vitali Muscle Geostar Pattern

View more of Giselle’s anatomical work at and at Behance!

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