Eye Heart Spleen – Foraging for Organs

Camila Carlow breastsCamila Carlow lungsCamila Carlow spleen
Camila Carlow kidneys

Camila Carlow testicles

Camila Carlow pancreas

Camila Carlow uterus

Fresh plant-based organs by Guatemalan-born artist Camila Carlow. Currently residing in Bristol, England, Camila is a multifaceted artist whose expertise ranges from painting to photography to organ themed plant arrangements.

Camila says of her work,

“The most fascinating and intricate of biological structures, yet we rarely pay heed to the organs inside our body. Regardless of whether we fill ourselves with toxins or nourishing food, whether we exercise or not – our organs sustain us, working away effortlessly and unnoticed.

In a similar way, plants flourishing in the urban environment are a testament to nature’s indifference to our goings on. They grow out of the sides of buildings, in brick walls and between the cracks in concrete, despite the traffic and pollution.”

View more of Camila’s plant based organs and art at eyeheartspleen.com and purchase prints of her work on Etsy!

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