Aitch’s Rebellion Against Academic Anatomy

Aitch Beautiful Us Blood

Aitch Beautiful Us Skeleton

Aitch Beautiful Us Head

Aitch Beautiful Us Skull

Aitch Beautiful Us Womb

Aitch Beautiful Us Torso

Aitch Beautiful Us Series

In the 7 years of running Street Anatomy I’ve had the pleasure of listening to and reading about artists’ motivations for using human anatomy in their work. It ranges from having parents with medical backgrounds, to dealing with a chronic disease, to a fascinating anatomy lesson in school, and beyond. Romanian illustrator Aitch, was not so impressed with her past encounter with anatomy. Aitch says of her experience,

“I chose to work on this project because I always had an issue with the human anatomy. All those years in college and at the university made me so bitter to the academic/strict ways of dealing with the human form in such a degree that, now, my whole style is based on avoiding realistic body shapes and embracing awkward proportions and weird-fun characters.”

Her series titled “Beautiful Us” puts specific anatomy on display in a storybook feel, isolating organs and crafting a magical environment around them. All created in rich watercolor on paper.

View more of Aitch’s stunning work at and Behance! She also sells prints of her work via Society 6

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  1. Really beautiful work, sense of freedom and lightness, peaceful . Love art , love science the 2 combine is magical. interesting work

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