Krisztianna’s Eerily Exquisite Muertitas

Krisztianna Autumn Muertita

April Blossom Muertita

Krisztianna April Blossom Muertita

Krisztianna April Blossom Muertita

Krisztianna Winter Muertita

Winter Muertita

Krisztianna Winter Muertita

Krisztianna Autumn Muertita

Autumn Muertita

Krisztianna Spring Muertita

Spring Muertita

Krisztianna Summer Muertita

Summer Muertita

Krisztianna Muertitas collection

Krisztianna Muertita at work

California-based sculptor, Krisztianna, creates these eerily exquisite Day of the Dead inspired mounted female heads after coming home from her day job as an Art Director at an advertising agency. She calls the heads Muertitasrecalling the importance of the Day of the Dead culture to her and her family when she was growing up. Kristztianna says, “Birth, death, and rebirth are all fascinating concepts, and the the art of the sugar skull is a powerful visual that helps me express my joy of life and respect of finality.”

Driven by a fascination with storytelling, each Muertita represents a season captured by the crowning floral arrangements surrounding each face. The sculptures are made from a mix of styrofoam, paper maché, wire, clay, wood, acrylic, synthetic flowers, twine, pins, glue, sealant, screws, and as Kristzianna says, “lots of love.”

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  1. I don’t like this at all. It does not stay within the spirit of the Day of the Dead. As a Latina….I am disappointed, and actually, a bit offended by this collection.

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