Michael Reedy’s 50/50

Michael Reedy 50/50

Michael Reedy 50/50 detail

Michael Reedy 50/50 detail

Michael Reedy 50/50 detail

Michael Reedy is one of our favorite anatomical artists we’ve been following for many years. A classically trained artist and associate professor of art at Eastern Michigan University, Michael has created multiple series of anatomical art that pushes the boundaries of what we think of figure drawing and classic medical illustration. His paintings are richly indulgent explorations into the human body that are often full of silly ornamentation, both subtle and highly apparent as the googly eyes in the piece above.

This recent piece titled “50/50 is part of Michael’s Expulsion series, which he explains,

“In my most recent works I have begun to explore visual complexity and ornamentation in conjunction with my prior interests; which have long been rooted in contemporary trends in figurative and portrait based works, as well as fringe images of the body, either in medical illustration or cartoons. I believe this push towards excess propels the figures in to another space and permits the psychological possibilities or fantasies of the figures (or those embedded in the narrative) to operate outside of normal spatial conventions, and in short become uncanny. In some respects my goal has been to make each new image more beautiful and self-indulgent than the last.”

We can’t wait to see more!

View Michael’s portfolio at michaelreedy.gallery