Tararchy’s Bold Anatomy

Tararchy, "Clear in Your Mind" Logan Square, Chicago

Tararchy, “Clear in Your Mind” Logan Square, Chicago

Tararchy, "Got Love For Ya" Logan Square, Chicago

Tararchy, “Got Love For Ya” Logan Square, Chicago

Tararchy, "Got Love For Ya"

Tararchy, “Got Love For Ya”

Tararchy "Got Love For Ya" 24” x 18” screen print, 2013  $30 at the Street Anatomy Store

Tararchy “Got Love For Ya”  24” x 18” screen print, 2013   

Tararchy Clear in Your Mind

Tararchy “Clear in Your Mind”  24” x 18” screen print, 2013

Tararchy Inside Us All

Tararchy “Inside Us All”  24” x 18” screen print, 2013

I spotted the sticker of woman’s face overlaid on a skull with pops of bright dripping color on a newspaper box in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. Not long after that I spotted multiple rib cages with the same bold style wheat-pasted on a wall. All of this new anatomical street art and I had no idea who created it! After asking a few Chicago street artists, I was told the work is by Tara Zanzig (aka Tararchy), a multi-disciplinary artist with an emphasis on non-traditional screen printing and one of the few female street artists in Chicago at the moment.

I invited Tararchy to take part in our recent Street Wise C.O.O.L Party benefit event in June and got to know this extremely talented and hard working artist. Her appreciation of the human body is paramount to her art and life. Tara explains that her “work explores the concept and connection of mind-body-spirit to our existence and the natural world. It’s about an ideal state of being best illustrated or most closely experienced when engaging in activities of passion. The practice of yoga informs my work literally, but the conceptual foundation is universal.”

View more of Tararchy’s work at tararchy.com.