Studio Anatomie – Anatomical Plaster

Studio Anatomie shadow box

Studio Anatomie shadow box Kidney

Studio Anatomie shadow box Tooth

Studio Anatomie shadow box Jaw

Studio Anatomie shadow box Lower Spine

There’s something captivating about blank anatomical models. The blank form stripped of color, and therefore educational use, easily stands on its own as a piece of art. Some of you already know that I’m working on a project to make blank anatomical models available to artists which I am extremely excited about.

Recently, Amsterdam based artist, Laura ter Kuil  contacted me about her work, which happily falls along the same lines. Laura creates plaster anatomical models, leaves them blank, and mounts them in shadow boxes making them more sculptural art than educational pieces. They’re modern and clean.

Laura recently launched an Etsy shop, called StudioAnatomie, where you can purchase these anatomical models for around $50 each!