Gross Anatomy Sushi

Sean Mutchnick Anatomy Sushi

Inspired by the intense hunger caused during dissection in the anatomy lab, medical student Sean Mutchnick drew these cross-sections of a forearm represented as pieces of sushi. I have to say the idea is wonderful and I can definitely relate to the feeling. I remember feeling strange for visualizing what type of sandwich I wanted to for lunch while picking away at the fatty tissue on the arm of my cadaver.

Sean calls it a “disturbing appetite that builds as you handle raw, human flesh. Medical student folklore says that the formaldehyde used during the embalming process is the cause of this phenomenon.” Interesting!

Anyone else out there try to subdue their food cravings during dissection?

5 thoughts on “Gross Anatomy Sushi”

  1. I’m vegetarian, but when I taught gross anatomy lab, it was the soleus muscle of this one athletic cadaver that really made me salivate. I’m practically drooling on the keyboard just remembering it. Thank you so much for posting this. I feel so much better knowing I’m not the only one.

  2. I thought I was the only one! No one else would fess up to it, anyway. Every time, I would crave Zankou chicken, this delicious rotisserie chicken!!! Love this piece.

  3. Great picture! We used to debate whether the pizza place would deliver to the gross lab. Never tested it out, though.

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