Francesco Albano’s Deflating Human Sculptures


Italian artist Francesco Albano uses a combination of materials such as wax, latex and polyester to sculpt bodies that appear flaccid and deflated. Many reviews of his work focus on the grotesque malformations of the bodies. That’s not surprising given that the sculptures play on our natural discomfort when bodies don’t look the way they’re supposed to look.

I see more of a psychological projection. Our bodies reacting to the way we feel in moments of sadness, exhaustion, or the feeling of being destroyed by something extremely taxing. This physical melting into a surface parallels this feeling of deflation when our emotional/physical resources are depleted adding yet another element to Francesco’s uncomfortable work.

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  1. I agree with the author’s take on these works. I’m intrigued, but not necessarily disturbed by them. Interested in what might put them back together or revive them.

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