Anatomical Holiday Gift List 2013

Street Anatomy Gallery Store holiday gift list 2013

It’s that time of year again to desperately find a unique present for someone that seemingly has everything. How do you know if you should get someone an anatomically themed present? Do they have a human body and aren’t grossed out by innards? Then they’re sure to enjoy an anatomically themed present. Check out the selection of gifts below from the Street Anatomy Store and our dear friends Anatomical Element for gifts you won’t find at Macy’s or Z Gallerie (despite all of their skull products).

1. You Are Here Letterpress Print $25.00
Display your love for that special someone by showing them exactly where they’re located in your big loving anatomical heart.

2. Large Histology Silk Scarve + Handkerchiefs  $65-$250.00
These 100% silk scarves features histological slices of human tissue stained and examined using light microscopy.

3. Spotted At Larchmont Street Enjoying a Glass of Wine by Billy Reynolds $80.0o LA based artist, Billy Reynolds, creates anatomically inspired subjects that “captivate, by reverberating between the familiar and the odd, between the beautiful and the perverse.”

4. Beat Poetry by Stephen Gaeta $35.00 Beautiful typographical heart print created by Dr. Stephen Gaeta who originated the popular diploma heart.

5. Chiclops Skulls Custom Made Set by SARO $240.00 A prolific Chicago street artist, SARO wants to show the world where he’s from by infusing his signature cyclops skull with the iconic Chicago flag. Made to order!

6. Veronica (Piece of Mind) by Danny Quirk $40.00 Another fabulous piece in Danny Quirk’s Anatomical Self Dissections series. We see Veronica splitting herself open with a paint brush to reveal a superbly detailed sagittal section.

7. Anatomical Copper BREATHE Lungs double pendant $48.00 Ever need to remember to “just breathe”? Now you can carry that relaxing reminder with you! A unique design of anatomical lungs with the word BREATHE written inside. Made to order by Anatomical Element!

8. Anatomical Skull Pendant – Copper with Fire Scale & Brass Rivets $53.00 Made with old roofing copper from a barn by Anatomical Element.

9. Anatomical LOVE Heart pendant with chain $42.00 Unique design of the word LOVE within an anatomical heart. Perfect for anyone in the medical field or your anatomy-obsessed friend!

For more gift ideas visit our Street Anatomy Store or head over to Anatomical Element for more jewelry!