October, 2013


Chiclops Skulls – Chicago’s Iconic Flag Gets Skullified+

Inspired by the oddities at the famous Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, SARO’s cyclops skulls have become a signature in Chicago. In...

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Sara Suppan’s Human Anatomical Manikin+

A student of painting and drawing at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Sara Suppan explores the relationship between...

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Day of the Dead Wallpaper Now Available in Emerald and Gold+

We are very excited to announce the release of the popular Day of the Dead Sugar Skull wallpaper in a...

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Put Your Skulls On These Linen Sugar Skull Cushions+

You’ve seen the popular Day of the Dead wallpaper but don’t have a wall to put it on?  Well medical artist,...

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Tobacco Body: Visualize the nasty effects of tobacco on the human body+

The Cancer Society of Finland created nicely done interactive PSA that visualizes the effects of tobacco on the human body....

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BLUSH Radiator Mimics Capillary Bed+

You can’t get more anatomical/physiological than this for your home! Icelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir created this radiator that mimics the...

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Erik Svetoft’s Decomposing Beings+

Intriguingly bizarre illustrations of beings in states of disassembly and decomposition by Swedish illustrator Erik Svetoft. There’s so much texture...

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Kate Lacour’s Monsterous Anatomy+

Comic artist Kate (Allen) Lacour created these symmetrical anatomical diagrams, rendered in pen and ink and painted in food coloring. This...

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Arno Roca Plastic Outside Plastic Inside+

French art director and photographer Arno Roca, created this anatomical model inspired piece in his series titled Human Waste.  A...

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