Jessica Harrison’s Gutsy Porcelain Exhibition

Jessica Harrison Ethel
Jessica Harrison Karen
Jessica Harrison Bridget
Jessica Harrison Isobel
Jessica Harrison Clare
Jessica Harrison Sibyl

We’ve posted these twisted takes on the classic porcelain figurine by Jessica Harrison before on Street Anatomy and have been waiting patiently to see if she’d create more in the creeptastic series. Well to our morbid delight she has!

Jessica just announced a new exhibition of her work opening this month called Body & Soul: contemporary international ceramics at the Museum of Arts & Design in New York. The exhibition will feature 10 of her new figurines alongside the work of 25 international artists exploring the human body through the medium of clay.

Body & Soul: contemporary international ceramics
24th September – 2nd March 2013
Museum of Arts & Design
2 Columbus Circle
New York

Having begun studies in sculpture in Scotland in 2000, Jessica recently completed a practice-led PhD from the Edinburgh College of Art funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. She “unravels imaginative touch” in creating her sculptures, something clearly seen here as she shows these beautiful female porcelain figures so gruesomely tearing out their innards.

View more of Jessica Harrison’s work at and visit her online shop with prints!