Tinybop’s 1960s Inspired Anatomy App for Children

Tinybop Human Body app (5)

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The Human Body app by Brooklyn based studio, Tinybop uses beautiful design and illustration to create an unrivaled anatomical exploration for children for the iPad.

Human Body 1959 Cornelius DeWittRaul Gutierrez founded Tinybop, wanting to bring together the best illustrators, designers and developers to create an anatomy app as beautiful as the science books of the 1960s. Specifically inspired by the style of the 1959 Golden Book, “The Human Body: What is is and how it works,” Raul brought on the talented illustrator Kelli Anderson to do all of the 200+ anatomical illustrations. Kelli was equally inspired by the anatomy books of her childhood that would use transparency to layer the body systems. Hence the layered paper feel to the the Human Body app.

The app invites you to explore each system through a variety of interactive experiences. Use a need to send pain signals through the body, throw food into the mouth and watch as food particles decay a tooth, play the drums near an ear to see and hear the sound waves enter the ear canal, and much more.

This app is not just a interactive experience for children to learn about the human body, but also what I consider an interactive piece of art on your phone. And at only $2.99 you cannot pass it up!

Download the Human Body app at the app store

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