Dissolve the Death Out of Your Day

Snow Violent Sugar Skulls (1)
Snow Violent Sugar Skulls (3)
Snow Violent Sugar Skulls (4)
Snow Violent Sugar Skulls (2)

If you feel like death every single morning you can always melt that feeling away with a pipin’ hot cup of sugary coffee.

Snow Violent must have been feeling the same way about the dreadful a.m. when they designed these morbid skull & bones sugar cubes. Now you can literally dissolve the death out of your day. Or perhaps you’d like to imagine that tiny skull is the last remains of your caustic boss or your arrogant brother-in-law. I mean… that’s pretty horrifying, but I’m not judging you.

3 thoughts on “Dissolve the Death Out of Your Day”

  1. It would be fun to see other parts….a melting sugar heart?? Oh yeah, sounds like a fun little project along the lines of soap or a bath bomb….hmmm.

  2. But actually… not literally, those are just prototypes for a photo shoot back in 2010-11. They are not real sugar. I WISH real sugar skull & crossbones were made and looked that good. I’ve had my eye on this for a year or two now just hoping it would happen. But no.

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