Want to know who spit their gum out on the street? Or maybe who threw their empty soda onto the train tracks? Lit cigarettes on the ground, empty food wrappers, NY is covered in litter. Louis CK jokes that it’s not litter when the city itself is made of trash.

Heather Dewey-Hagborg, is a self described information artist, and for one of her projects she uses art and DNA to “identify” the litter culprits.




Dewey-Hagborg picks up a piece of litter, sends the litter to a lab in Brooklyn for the DNA to be extracted, and from there creates a 3D mold of the face of the litterer. The molds are more artist’s renderings than fact, and according to Dewey-Hagborg, “no one has recognized themselves yet! In reality these in-progress portraits are more of a general likeness, a family resemblance, than an exact depiction.

You can check out her other projects on her site, deweyhagborg.com.


[via Pop Culture Pirate]