Gianna Paniagua Natural Formations

Gianna Paniagua Natural Formations hand cut paper
Gianna Paniagua Microscopic Series 1
Gianna Paniagua Microscopic Series 3
Gianna Paniagua Microscopic Series 2

I’m always amazed at the amount of patience it takes to intricately cut paper. Artist, photographer, and sculptor, Gianna Paniagua is inspired by the human body and its delicateness. She creates paper forms and cut-outs that reflect our fragile vasculature and histology.

Gianna says of her work,

“The human body, both anatomically and metaphorically, is at the root of my work, which stems from the fact that I am a transplant recipient and have lived a life reliant on medicine.  My past and present experiences force me to see the body as fragile rather than the traditional symbol of vigor.  In my work, I place an emphasis on the physical delicate nature of the body as well as its abilities for healing.”

For more of Gianna’s work view her portfolio site and Instagram.

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