Biking in a Muscle Skin Suit

Muscle Skin Suit by Tomek Pietek  (3)

Muscle Skin Suit by Tomek Pietek  (1)

Muscle Skin Suit by Tomek Pietek  (2)

Muscle Skin Suit by Tomek Pietek  (4)

Muscle Skin Suit by Tomek Pietek  (5)

Muscle Skin Suit by Tomek Pietek  (6)

Muscle Skin Suit by Tomek Pietek  (7)

I noticed my road bike gathering a fine layer of dust after its lengthy hibernation this winter.  I’m not one to suffer through biking in Chicago through the freezing cold and snow, but it’s about this time that I start getting the itch to get back on my bike.  After recently rediscovering this muscle skin biking suit we posted about back in 2009, I am even more excited to get back into riding.

Warsaw based designer Tomek Pietek designed the prototype of this suit a while back and it has only recently been put into production and available for sale.  It is simply stunning and sure to turn heads whether you’re dodging cars down busy city streets or in a tough Cyclocross race.

Tomek describes the idea,
“The idea of the muscleskinsuit came to our minds as a natural continuation of our passion for cycling and graphic design. Our own MTB racing experiences led us to create this original sports apparel. Firstly for private use. Then motivated by the growing interest of fellow bikers we decided to work some more on this project. Our goal was to share the effects of our work and to make the suit available to a wider range of cyclists from around the world. We established cooperation with best Polish sportswear manufacturers and later completed the collection with the long version of the suit, the arm and the leg warmers. We are planning to extend our offer in the near future.”

Check out the full line of the Muscle Skin Suit at!

[spotted by Eric Pernod]

9 thoughts on “Biking in a Muscle Skin Suit”

  1. do you sell the muscle anatomy suit. I am interested in buying short sleeve top and long bottom ( full length). if you do can you give me a cost including p&p

  2. I have one of these. They also sell it without the cycling pad and it’s great for the gym as well. Great muscle support although you might want to wear it in a home gym rather than a public one. It gives you a visual for your muscles as you work them.

    The quality is outstanding, both in terms of the construction and the materials. The zippers are set in so well that they are practically invisible. Definitely worth the price.

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